Where we work

The current focus of our work is in the district of Elbasan in Central Albania. When A2B was established in 1999 its objective was to meet the needs of Kosovan refugees that were living in a camp just outside of Elbasan town. When the refugees returned home, A2B maintained its presence in the region, recognising some of the great problems and poverty that existed amongst the Albanian population.

Albania continues to be ranked as the 2nd poorest country in Europe and although much has been achieved since the fall of communism and the opening of the country in the early 1990’s, there continues to this day to be a huge disparity between those who have and those who have not.

With limited social services, high unemployment and little provision for those in poverty, A2B endeavour to meet some of the many needs amongst the most vulnerable within the town of Elbasan and the surrounding villages.

Whilst we maintain the bulk of our work in and around Elbasan, we are always open to expanding our work further afield as resources become available to us.Our office and centre is based in Elbasan town, but we regularly travel into the surrounding rural areas to undertake our work, assess need, provide assistance and develop ways of restoring hope in some very difficult situations.