We believe that there is no better way to understand the work of A2B than to experience it for yourself.

A visit to A2B in Albania is an opportunity to be connected in a deeper way with the vision and the passion that we have for what we do. It helps provide a better understanding of our work and also some of the issues and problems that we face.

We encourage individuals, churches, small groups and mission teams to visit, to learn and to be involved. However, we do also want to be sure that we do not place too great a demand on our team in Albania and therefore want to manage all visits well and responsibly.

If you or your team would like to visit, please initially contact us so that we can discuss your plans and ensure that we have the capacity to properly host you.

We would also want to provide country orientation, briefing, and would require CRB checks on all participants.

Although we can advise, we regret that we are unable to be responsible for making travel arrangements or help pay towards costs.