What we Do

It’s not easy being poor. It’s not easy to find work, shelter, food or support. It’s more difficult if you are a child, a single parent or elderly. It’s even harder if you happen to live in a state which has a safety net that has holes big enough for you to fall through. There are many such places in the world, Albania is one of them.

A2B works together with it’s supporters to help people who are in serious need. We work in three major areas:

1) Day Centre

The Buka e Jetes day centre provides food, advice and community to vulnerable people in Elbasan.

Each day around 50 children and elderly people come together to eat, enjoy valuable social interaction and know that someone cares for them. The centre also acts as a hub for A2B’s other activities; running a Kindergarten, educating children who would otherwise be on the streets; the family link activities and as location for meeting some of the health needs of the local community.

2) Family Link

A2B link families in the UK with families in need in Albania.

The program provides focused sponsorship for families and allows the donor family to know exactly who they are supporting. Regular updates are provided sharing information on how the sponsored family is getting on.

3) Networking

We work closely with other organisations and government to help the most in need. Working with Local Government we hear about those who need our help and where they are. We work closely with YWAM, working with the Roma community and with local churches.