We do need money to function as an organisation – this is true, but it is also just as true that we need prayer to function. The list of coincedences brought about by prayer is long and is a great testimony for us. We want to cover all that we do and plan to do in prayer, would you help?

Here are some starters for 10:

Please pray for…

Our Staff. Thank God for their energy, committment and hard work, and pray forwisdom to make the right decisions, strength to keep going and for their safety as they are travel and visit those in need.

Our Families. Thank God for them and that they are not alone. Pray that accommodation, food and finance would be sufficient. Pray that they would be safe and have opportunities for education and employment.

Our Day Centre. Thank God for the facility and all the hard work that goes into running it. Pray that we can meet the needs of those who attend on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Our Partners. Thank God for the community in Albania and those churches, partner NGO’s and government departments who work with us. Pray that we can work together with wisdom and compassion to improve peoples lives.

Our Future. Thank God for the work already carried out in His name. Pray for the insight to discern the right opportunities, finance to support it and the strength to see it through.

If you would like more information on things to pray for please email and we will contact you with our newsletter with additional specific items to pray for.