March Newsletter 2019

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.  And if we know that he hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of him.”
1 John 5:14-15

Happy Mothers Day!

In the UK, this year mothers day was celebrated on the 31st of March, but in Albania they celebrated on the 8th of March – this was also international women’s day, so in this months prayer letter we say thank you for, and highlight the role of, women in A2B.

A2B is powered by women. As directors cooks, teachers administrators and trustees, women provide the vision, passion and leadership to move A2B forward and help all those who need it – regardless of gender.

Let’s give thanks for the impact female staff have in the leadership and operation of A2B projects. Give thanks for their heartfelt passion to support all those in need. Pray for protection physically and spiritually as they give of themselves. Also pray for renewed energy, inspiration and joy.

In Albania on March 8th, around 100 women joined activities across Another Life Elbasan, Another Life Peqin, Hope for the Future and Family Link to celebrate the impact women make in their families and communities and provide advice and support.






Women across the different A2B projects are most likely to care for children in the event of family breakdown and are less likely to find well paid employment. Many of those in need of support from different A2B programs are female single parents because they have escaped abuse, a husband has abandoned the family or where the husband has sadly died. In communities with very limited resources, the loss of the traditional breadwinner is a disaster. Through your giving, A2B is supporting these families with emergency support and then working to break the cycle of poverty through education and reducing exclusion.

Please give thanks for the hard work of two parent and single parent families working to support their children with very limited means. Pray God would bless them with enough for themselves and their families. Pray for safe and stable homes and a good education. Pray they would feel the love of Jesus through the work of A2B.

Peqin Project

Give thanks for the amazing story of God’s provision for the Peqin Kindergarten and Day Centre. It is so encouraging to see God working in this way. The project is a beacon of light and a valuable resource in a particularly deprived area. The church in Peqin has bought the building and A2B is using the building without paying rent! The next step is for the church and A2B to extend the building so it can be used for the whole community. A church in Sweden has agreed to support one of the teachers for a year. Please pray that God would continue to raise up people to support the people of Peqin. Pray for the teachers and other staff as they continue to work faithfully with uncertainty hanging over them.

A Family for me

A new pilot project has launched for A2B is in the area of foster care, which is almost unknown in Albania. A2B Albania are implementing the project in the capital city Tirana. The project is called “A family for me” and is funded by the SOS village which has won grants from the European Union. Give thanks for the new avenues that God continues to open up for A2B and the partners that join us along the way. Please pray for clear direction for this new project, pray for the children and families that will form part of the project, that they would find joy and safety in the loving arms of Jesus. Pray that God calls the right project team, with the right skills together to lead and develop what is a new area for A2B.

House of Opportunity

The House of Opportunity currently supports five people in their late teens/early twenties. The funding for the HOP project ends in April and the current staff are leaving to find alternative work. Please join us in praying that the Lord will provide for them. Please also pray for volunteers who will come and serve in HOP in the role of house parents.

Children in A2B Projects

That the children be appropriately looked after by their parents and that teenagers are not pushed into marriage.
Some children have problems speaking fluently. Please pray for these children to be healed grow in confidence in speaking. Please also pray for children who have learning difficulties and the challenges they face in Albania.


Please Pray for the political Situation in Albania!

If there is one thing that the Brexit debate makes clear – Politics is complex! We have been praying for local government elections in Elbasan for the past 4 months after the Albanian Government called for local elections in February 2019. The following is an update from Alketa, one of the A2B directors with a call to prayer.

The Democratic Party – the largest opposition party in Albania, launched protests in December 2018 to overthrow the Government and Prime Minister Edi Rama, saying the 2017 central election was corrupt. Opposition parties refused to take part in local elections calling for a new government and the resignation of the Prime Minister. The situation has been in stalemate and in February the Prime Minister postponed the local elections until June 2019.

The political situation in Albania is chaotic, there are weekly protests, sometimes violent in front of Parliament. International diplomats are refused admittance and the Albania government have rejected support offered by the European Committee or the US Government. The government say the opposition is supported by the Russian Government, who intend to destabilize Albanian politics and reduce European and Western influence built up over the past 5 years. 

  • Please pray that the Lord will break the negative and destabilizing stance between the leaders of the different parties and that all will participate in the June 2019 elections
  • Please pray that God will intervene and give wisdom to the current prime minister and leaders of the opposition. Pray that the situation will not push Albania into more widespread violence or civil war.
  • Pray for the wisdom of the Albanian people that they will not be blind to the struggle for power of politicians
  • Let’s pray for God’s Protection all over Albania and its people.

We meet to pray on the third Monday of each month at Elm House, Drinkstone Road, Hessett IP30 9AU. The next prayer meeting will be held on the 15th April at 3pm, you are most welcome to join if you are able. Please call 01359 271721 if you need directions.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving,
present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6