All children love to get together, to play eat and have fun – summer is the perfect time for this! However, not all Kids have the same access to these activities, often due to poverty and exclusion.This summer, A2B again provided space and opportunity for children from a wide range of backgrounds and circumstances to come together, have fun, to learn and to exercise their right to childhood.

A2B’s principle is simple; have fun, whilst creating an environment and an awareness for children to make wise and positive choices as they move forward in life.

In partnership with Na Bashkoi Jezusi Church, World Vision and Elbasan Bashkia, around 80 children attended our two week camp based at the Bread of Life Day Centre. Games and activities and craft focused on character development, trust and team work to provoke thinking about the rights and the responsibilities of being a good citizen, to help them dream  together for what their lives could be like in the future, and what changes were needed!

Volunteers from Na Bashkoi Jezusi Church worked hard with A2B staff to ensure that everyone enjoyed themselves and that all went to plan, especially at lunchtime!