August Newsletter 2018


Summer Camp Celebrations

Just as in churches and festivals across the UK, A2B celebrate the summer season by getting children together to have fun, play games and learn about a God who loves them. This year volunteers from Albania, Malta, US, Canada and the UK have shared the gospel with over 250 children as well as spraying them with lots of water and enjoying music and laughter!

Please pray for the seeds that have been planted in young hearts, that memory verses will rise to the surface in times of trouble and that the truth declared through praise will bring hope and joy through their whole lives. It’s a privilege to able to serve the next generation in this way, so please give thanks for all the volunteers, organisations and finance streams that made it possible.

Even though they are a pleasure to be involved in, the extra work of the summer camps does mean that the A2B staff have earned their summer break! Please pray for everyone as they take a few weeks to refresh and recuperate. Our teams work incredibly hard through the whole year and the summer represents a great opportunity to rest. Please pray that God meets them and fills them up as they enjoy time away from the projects they are involved in. Give thanks for the commitment, love and service of our teams, pray God would richly bless them all.


“We always thank God for all of you, mentioning you in our prayers”
1 Thessalonians 1:2

I hope you are having a great summer break! This months prayer update will be shorter as some serious sand castle designing needs to be completed before the ground works start next week.

When the building work tires you out, resting with a loved one is an essential part of any healthy relationship and it’s equally essential for our relationship with our Father. As your rest in your Fathers arms over the summer, please take some time to thank God for His provision for A2B and pray for our brothers and sisters in Albania.

Thanks for your prayers and for your continued support of A2B.

Pray for Peqin

A lot has happened in the short time since the “another life” day centre in Peqin (a town 40 minutes drive from Elbasan) launched this year: The project has been a blessing to many, helping with food, social care and education for preschoolers; they suffered theft in April – an overnight break-in where the refrigerator, food, heaters and even school supplies were stolen; and they witnessed the coming together of a very poor community to resupply the centre as best as they could.

Unfortunately, the gains made in such a short time are at risk as the planned funding stream for this project has fallen through, just as the centre is about to reopen in the new academic year.  We received an urgent request from Alketa Hasani – one of the Directors of A2B in Albania to pray. Two partner organisations are trying to raise new funds to cover the shortfall. Please pray for the Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSCI) and Passi and Beyond as they work through their contacts to raise the money in time. We know that our God provides and that His resources are not finite. Please give thanks for the great work of the day centre and the community that has sprung up around it. Alketa asks that we “pray for the Peqin project, for the children from the Romany community as the need is so great”.

Thanks again for your prayers.

The poor will again find joy in the LORD, and the neediest of people will
rejoice in the holy one of Israel. (Isaiah 29:19)