June Newsletter 2018

The staff and trustees of A2B are so grateful to all those who faithfully pray for this organisation and those helped through it. Without God’s provision, we wouldn’t be able to be there for some of the most vulnerable in the community the disadvantaged children, young people, elderly and widows. Thank you.

“We always thank God for all of you, mentioning you in our prayers”
1 Thessalonians 1:2

My friend the policeman…

A2B collaborates widely with other organisations. By combining our skills and networks we improve the lives of those that we care for. The latest collaboration is with an organisation sponsored by the Swedish government that aims to build partnerships between the police and young people. Community Policeman Z. Shkelqim Luli visited a combined meeting of children and parents to share about the risks and damage caused by trafficking, bullying and violence and what to do if there is concern. Thank God for collaborations such as these and pray he blesses them. These issues are real in Elbasan, so please also pray for protection for the vulnerable, that the root causes of poverty and exclusion would be addressed and that A2B continues to be in a position to support and advocate for the vulnerable.

Bread of Life Centre
As the hot weather approaches – please pray for the elderly as this time of year is particularly difficult for them. Please also give thanks for Teuta – a staff member who is getting married in the summer, pray God blesses her and her fiancée as they start their married lives together

Mayoral Elections
There is to be a mayoral election in February 2019. Mayors hold significant power in Albania so please pray that God would put the right person in this position. Pray for a leadership that governs without corruption and with love for the benefit of the people.

Family Link Scheme
A common reason for families needing family link support is where one or more family members have significant health problems that limit their ability to work. Please pray for healing and supportive medical staff. Please pray for success for the A2B workers that look to ensure all benefits are correctly paid. We thank all our sponsors for supporting these families financially and in prayer – you are making a huge difference.

Summer Camp
As the summer holidays start in Albania, A2B will run a summer camp in partnership with World Vision and a Malteese charity called Passi and Beyond. This year 18 volunteers will come from Malta and work alongside A2B staff and UK volunteers to look after over 400 children across 3 weeks. Give thanks for the support provided by the different organisations and answered prayers as the volunteers have stepped forward. Summer Camps are a great opportunity to have fun and to share the good news that Jesus loves us all. Please pray that relationships are built up, that the children have fun and are safe and that God’s name is made known in that generation.

Food Bank
The reformed and reorganised team of the Food Bank Elbasan and Bukurie and Mariglen have been doing a great job. They are planing to start a new fresh food project soon. Please pray for this, for co-operation between the Food Bank and businesses in Elbasan and that the Lord opens new doors for businesses to come on board.

Give thanks that God continues to build support for A2B inside Elbasan. The photo shows a combined celebration meal for family link members and elderly people from the day centre. This was paid for by a collective of sausage manufacturers – “ISAIA” sh.p.k! Praise God that he uses all the tools at His disposal for His glory! Pray that events such as this, where God’s love is shown to all, really does lift the dignity and hope of those involved; that support networks and friendships would grow amongst these vulnerable people and that they would know Our God is for them.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures for ever.” Psalm 136:1