May Newsletter 2018

We are always amazed by the power of God and how he chooses to use His church to work in this world. We are so grateful that you continue to faithfully pray for this organisation and those we support. We see the fruits of your prayers and it is incredibly encouraging. Thank you.

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Thanks again for your prayers and for your continued support of A2B.

“We always thank God for all of you, mentioning you in our prayers”
1 Thessalonians 1:2

Seeds of Hope

The House of Opportunity (HOP) has started growing as the residents plant seedlings in the garden. Tomatoes, Cucumbers Peppers and Aubergine are now all flourishing. Gardening is a great way for the young people to connect with nature, work collaboratively and build shared memories together. Of course the delicious produce is a mere by-product of this activity!

The membership of the house will also grow as 3 young women join the project from the catholic residential house in Elbasan. Please pray for a smooth transition for them, the existing residents and the staff at HOP as everyone adjusts to this new arrangement. God Bless this house.


Praise God that the Elbasan Council have given a five year contract for use of the House with the possibility of renewal at the end of that time. This is most unusual as council contracts are just usually for just one year. This gives the project additional security and means we can plan for the long term future of the residents.



Bread of Life Centre
Urgent work is needed for the gas supply to the Centre. The gas storage tank and pipework all require replacing. This will cost approximately £873 at the current exchange rate.

Family Link Scheme
Praise God for the growth we see in some of the parents of the families on the scheme. We are asking the families to encourage and pray for each other. Please support them in prayer.

Be Conference
Praise God for the 151 women that attended the ‘Be’ conference in Albania. Please pray that the Holy Spirit continues to touch all of these women in a powerful way and that God would use them mightily in Albania. Pray for unity amongst the churches and a break down of barriers. Give thanks for the team of women from the UK that led the event and that God would refresh them after serving.

Mayoral Elections
There is to be a mayoral election in February. Mayors hold significant power in Albania so please pray that God would put the right person in this position. Pray for a leadership that governs without corruption and with love for the benefit of the people.

Summer Camp
Every year a summer camp is run for the children of the area. Last year over 400 children attended. As preparations are beginning for this year’s camp, please pray that the right team members come forward.


Praise the Lord for the great work being done in Elbasan and surrounding area, and for all the lives being touched.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures for ever.” Psalm 136:1